Apricotshop Premisis

We have now have a new business premisis in Farnborough

As well as an office, store and despatch facilities there now is a dedicated area within the shop where our health products are on display. This is alongside various other lifestyle items for the home, car & gifts etc.

Natural Health Supplements, Nutrition and Information

As always, the purpose of our business and "misson" is to:-
1) To provide unbiased, 
independently researched health information.
2) Offer carefully selected nutritional products and supplements.
3) Offer knowledge drawn from our experience and learning to

help all those who have a desire to maintain optimum health.

We Research, Source and Supply the following......

Vitamins, Minerals, Systemic Enzymes, Raw Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels, Bitter Apricot Kernels in Capsule and Powdered form, Alternative Health Documentaries and Lectures on CD & DVD, Books and Articles, Full Spectrum Vitamins and Ionic Minerals, Superfood Powders and Capsules, Sunwarrior Ormus Greens plus other natural health enhancing and protection products.

Apricotshop is the "Real World" side of the Kernelshop business

For the time being www.kernelshop.co.uk will continue to be the online focus for our
Nutrition, Supplement & Health business. This is where you can place orders
make contact and obtain general information, including testimonials.

To Purchase Apricot Kernel Products, Enzymes, Superfoods and other healthy items...
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For information on location, directions and opening times
of new premises or other questions please get in touch.

Contact Details

Switchboard : 0843 886 9171 > Mobile : 07782 268892 > 

Email : mail [at] apricotshop.com

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